ErgonArmor provides corrosion and surface protection solutions for a variety of industrial marketplace applications.

Industries served include additives and raw materials; building construction and materials; food, beverage and pharmaceutical; industrial maintenance; infrastructure; petrochemical; power; transportation; and commercial roofing.

ErgonArmor’s Surface Protection Brands Include:

Novocoat’s coating solutions emerged out of America’s growing concern for the environment. As a result, Novocoat has developed carefully engineered, 100% solids coating products that provide better and broader-based protection than conventional products and are easy to apply and safe for the user as well as the environment.

Ertech products provide solutions from below the ground to rooftop. Ertech’s asphaltic emulsions, being water based, are meeting the demands of various markets looking for environmentally and worker-friendly solutions for their industrial coating needs.

ErgonArmor’s Blackhawk products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art 55,000-square-foot facility centrally located in Kansas City, Kansas. Blackhawk products are predominately solvated asphalt cutbacks modified further to meet specifications for a variety of adhesives and sealant applications, from foundation waterproofing to commercial roofing.

Corrosion Engineering™ products allow industries that use or produce corrosive or hazardous chemicals to maintain safe and reliable facilities while preserving the environment. Since the mid-1900s, factory owners have put their trust in acid brick linings constructed with Corrosion Engineering™ chemical-resistant mortars and membranes.