Energy & Specialty Solutions

Our refineries develop, produce and provide materials utilized to improve the performance of products the world uses every day.

Our refineries have a unique ability to develop, produce and provide long-lasting, high-value solutions customers utilize to improve the performance of products people around the world use every day. We transform molecules that would otherwise be used as transportation fuels into non-combustible specialty naphthenic and paraffinic products for niche markets. We also manufacture resins, agents, additives and modifiers for specialty applications.

Ergon Refining, Inc.

Ergon Refining in Vicksburg, Mississippi, is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty naphthenic products.

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Ergon - West Virginia, Inc.

Ergon - West Virginia, in Newell, West Virginia, produces a variety of paraffinic process and base oils.

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Ergon International, Inc.

Ergon International markets and distributes specialty oils to customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Indonesia and Asia.

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Ergon Latin America LLC

Ergon Latin America markets and distributes specialty oils to customers in México, Central America and South America.

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Process Oils, Inc.

Specialty oils marketer serving the rubber, plastic and lubricant industries since 1979.

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Resinall Corp

Resinall Corp utilizes natural and synthetic raw materials, chemical reactions and process equipment to create thermoplastic resins for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Fuels Marketing

Fuels Marketing distributes unbranded petroleum products from our two refineries: Ergon - West Virginia (Newell, West Virginia) and Ergon Refining (Vicksburg, Mississippi).

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