Asfaltos México

Ergon Asfaltos Mexico is the leading supplier of liquid asphalt cement products and product application services in Mexico, producing, distributing and applying high-quality and high-performance road solutions.

Long-Life Asphalt Pavements

Part of our product and technology offering is Long-Life Asphalt Pavements, or LLAPs, which allow roads to last up to 35 years or more. With LLAPs, EAM has provided a solution for safer roads in Mexico with longer, better performing life cycles and the least amount of maintenance costs over time.

Our Locations

We have 15 in-country terminals and two national laboratories.

Additional Services

In addition to our high-quality liquid asphalt cement products, roads within the Mexico market also benefit from our ability to provide research and development equipment for liquids, system application and engineering pavement design services, ensuring the consistent quality of our products for longer lasting, durable roads.