Marine & Industrial Supply

Ergon Marine & Industrial Supply in Vicksburg, Mississippi, provides mid-river fleet servicing 24 hours a day of groceries, fuel, equipment, supplies, crew changes, etc., to commercial vessels navigating the Mississippi River.

Grocery Order Form

Order groceries for river crews here.

Recipes for River Crews

We know working on the river can be challenging, especially if good eating is a favorite pasttime. That’s why we provide river crews with recipes that are easy to make on the boats that remind them a bit of home. Check out the latest here. And feel free to submit some for the crews.

First Responders

In addition to fleeting services, EMIS personnel serve as “first responders” of the river, assisting the Port of Vicksburg’s U.S. Coast Guard Maintenance Operations team in human rescue, recovery and property salvage projects.

For additional EMIS services, please visit or call 601-636-6552.