Asphalt & Emulsions

Enhancing the success of Ergon's diversified operations is the ability to produce, develop and market a variety of asphalt products. Ergon is considered the resource in the asphalt industry. In-house storage of asphalt and equipment ensures that customers are consistently supplied with high-quality asphalt products, while vertically integrated laboratory and research facilities are used to test formulations and develop new products. The global asphalt operations include the world's leading manufacturer of packaged pavement preservation products, which also manufactures road maintenance equipment. The segment's protective coatings division manufactures and distributes engineered surface protection systems for industrial infrastructure.

Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.

Products: paving asphalt, specialty polymer-modified asphalts, asphalt emulsions, asphalt sealants, flux, specialty coatings, adhesives, corrosion-resistant lining systems

As one of the largest asphalt marketers in North America, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions not only markets liquid paving asphalts, but also manufactures and markets a wide variety of advanced asphalt products. EA&E's polymer-modified asphalt has a longer shelf life than other SUPERPAVE products and is used on expressways, urban roads, airport tarmacs and other high-traffic areas including many popular NASCAR racetracks.

Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions' polymer modified asphalt has been used on many popular NASCAR racetracks.

EA&E excels at providing pavement preservation solutions. The goal of pavement preservation is to maintain and preserve functional roads using cost-effective treatments and techniques. This approach offers a strong and fiscally sound method of enhancing transportation infrastructure. Studies advancing the understanding of smooth pavement and proper roadbed maintenance benefits have opened a new frontier of innovations to be realized in road and vehicle maintenance, fuel efficiency and noise abatement. EA&E's technical understanding of asphalt chemistry and ongoing research at technical development laboratories give it the advantage of utilizing a variety of asphalts from various crude sources.

The goal of pavement preservation is to maintain and preserve functional roads using cost-effective treatments and techniques.

EA&E's expertise in asphalt emulsions allows it to serve as a highly technical resource for customers. Emulsions are embraced as a preferred asphalt product for pavement maintenance and specialty industrial applications because of their environmental compatibility and inherently safe handling conditions. EA&E has excelled with the introduction of higher quality emulsion products such as its new e-Series pavement preservation product lineup. Its primary markets stretch from California to North Carolina for a truly coast-to-coast footprint.

EA&E's expertise in asphalt emulsions allows it to serve as a highly technical resource for customers.


EA&E continues to expand the use of asphalt emulsions with a growing line of engineered surface protection systems via ErgonArmor. ErgonArmor's Novocoat, Ertech, Blackhawk and Corrosion Engineering divisions apply their vast technical knowledge to create corrosion and surface protection solutions for a variety of industrial marketplace applications.

Novocoat manufactures 100% solids epoxy products that provide broad-based chemical and corrosion protection. Ertech manufactures water-based asphalt coatings and asphalt additives that deliver an environmentally friendly, economical and practical approach to diverse industrial coating requirements. Blackhawk offers adhesive and waterproofing products used in a variety of applications, from foundation waterproofing to commercial roofing. Corrosion Engineering markets non-metallic construction materials and sophisticated lining systems designed to prevent the onset of corrosion in industrial settings.

EA&E produces many of the raw materials used in its formulations, and Ergon's transportation and terminals ensure the continuity of the stream of inbound raw materials.

ErgonArmor is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Crafco, Inc.

Products: crack and joint sealants, hot-pour and cold-mix pavement-surface patching and repair products, sealant melter/applicator and patching equipment, routers, sealcoating and spray injection patcher equipment, geo composites, pavement waterproofing materials, specialty adhesives, roofing compounds

Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Crafco is the world's leading manufacturer in both quantity and diversity of packaged pavement preservation products. Crafco is the only manufacturer of these types of products and the equipment used to apply them. The name was derived from its core mission of preserving pavements by filling cracks, thus, the "Crack Repair And Fill Company" — Crafco.

Long and short-term independent studies have proven that Crafco's packaged pavement preservation products prolong the service life of pavements. Crafco also produces specialized preservation products for the bridge, airport, roofing and waterproofing industries. From asphalt and concrete pavements, to racetracks and canals, Crafco manufactures specialty products that seal, protect, repair and strengthen pavement and roofing surfaces to preserve and extend their service life.

Crafco is positioned to serve customers around the world with manufacturing facilities in Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Wyoming, the Czech Republic and China, in addition to its distribution and sales offices located throughout the globe.

(PMSI) Paving Maintenance Supply

Products: crack sealing material and equipment, patching products, traffic paint and beads, paint striping equipment, sealcoat emulsion and equipment, safety and traffic control products, tools and supplies, equipment rentals

Paving Maintenance Supply, a division of Crafco, serves as a one-stop retail shop for the paving maintenance industry. PMSI has operated for over 30 years and its storefronts offer quality products for pavement preservation, pavement repair and pavement maintenance, in addition to application equipment for sale or rent. Customers can access PMSI through the retail stores or eCommerce site.

Paragon Technical Services, Inc.

Paragon is the premier technical asphalt laboratory in the nation, and serves as the research and development arm for EA&E. It designs, develops and tests the formulations manufactured by various Ergon companies as well as external customers. By offering full service testing and development, Paragon is able to create petroleum products that are environmentally friendly, less flammable and safer to work with than their more conventional counterparts. Paragon consistently discovers innovative ways of improving waterproofing, roofing, protective coatings, specialty asphalts and asphalt pavements. Its research team offers more than 100 years of technical expertise in the petroleum refining and asphalt technology industries, and its nationally recognized Mix Design Laboratory provides design and evaluation for all asphalt pavement products.