Preserving The Roads That Connect Us – The Ergon Way

Tue., Jul 9, 2024 | Ergon

Roads lead to communities where we live and work. They are vital to modern society. Read Ergon President & CEO Kris Patrick’s latest LinkedIn article, as shown below, to learn more about our commitment to providing solutions to preserve the roads that connect us.


Ergon provides innovative solutions and specialized services that preserve the roads that connect us and keep the world moving forward. Since selling our first load of asphalt in 1980, we have grown to become the largest asphalt emulsion marketer in North America. The achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our Ergon family and our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers. With our growth comes the critical responsibility of being good stewards of our business and continuing to put people first. We continue to collaborate across Ergon businesses and partner with industry associations and universities to enhance pavement preservation efforts that improve infrastructure.

Pavement Preservation
When reflecting on Ergon’s commitment to Doing Right with our products, for our planet, by our people and through our principles, it’s clear why we are deeply invested in pavement preservation.

By helping agencies focus on effective pavement preservation treatments, Ergon is improving road durability while helping to enhance the safety of communities by minimizing road defects, such as potholes, raveling and more early on. Additionally, we help optimize financial resources for agencies, including those tasked with maintaining their entire roadway network with limited funds. We do this by ensuring these agencies understand the benefits of applying the right treatments on the right roads at the right time. This approach is at the heart of the pavement preservation concept, which ultimately reduces resource consumption; lowers emissions; and bolsters local economies by maintaining the integrity of roadways critical to transporting goods and services.

Education Is Key
Educational efforts are key to empowering our customers with the knowledge and tools to protect and preserve their roads. Technical experts within our Pavement & Coating Resources companies collaborate to provide ongoing pavement preservation training sessions for agency representatives at the state, county and city levels as well as engineers and those in academia. These comprehensive sessions raise awareness about the importance of pavement preservation, highlight various treatments and their applications, and outline strategic approaches to optimize annual budgets. Additionally, Ergon provides onsite technical support as part of our specialized service offerings to ensure treatments are applied according to best practices. By bridging the gap between theory and practice and showing agencies how to maximize the longevity and resilience of their roadways, we can make a lasting impact on our customers and communities.

Environmentally Conscious
Regarding a lasting impact, with the increasing emphasis on sustainability, Ergon prioritizes the development, production and marketing of pavement preservation solutions from an environmentally conscious perspective. From our array of emulsion products and warm mix asphalt technology to our binders used in recycled asphalt treatments, Ergon develops preservation technologies that enhance performance and extend service while reducing emissions.

Strategic Logistics Solutions
While optimal performance and longer service life are the goals, a secure supply of products is paramount to pavements well preserved. From sourcing oils from Ergon Refining Inc. for various uses in our products to having strategically located production facilities across the U.S. and Mexico, Ergon ensures customers have consistent access to quality solutions needed to treat their roadways. Along with having strategic locations is establishing reliable transportation of our products, in which we utilize Ergon Trucking Inc., Magnolia Marine Transport Company and support from various other transportation providers to ensure products are where they need to be to meet customer needs.

Roads Lead to Partnerships
For decades, Ergon has remained committed to being The Resource in the asphalt industry, helping agencies understand how to keep their roadways in good condition and equipping them with the right solutions to get the job done. I’m proud of our efforts thus far, and I look forward to the road ahead as we work to be the preferred partner for advancing the asphalt industry.