Paul Wentz – Regional Operator Exchange Program

Fri., Sep 29, 2023 | Ergon

At Ergon, Purposeful Growth is a core value we strive to live out every day. Ergon management is committed to creating opportunities to further develop employees and set them up for professional and personal advancement. As part of efforts to support employee success, Ergon Terminaling Inc. (ETI) has developed the Regional Operator Exchange Program (ROEP).

The ROEP was initiated by ETI as a way to broaden the experiences of Operators by exposing them to the innerworkings of various terminaling locations. Through this program, Operators can acquire new skills and develop a well-rounded perspective of terminal operations, as one terminal may operate differently from another. Not only does this training help during emergency situations where employees may be needed at various locations, but it is a good opportunity for employees wanting to advance in their careers.

The first Operator to complete the program was Paul Wentz, Operator II, from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Wentz participated in the program for three days at ETI’s Knoxville, Tennessee, terminal. The goal for his exchange was for him to learn enough about the Knoxville terminal to be able to act as a temporary Operator if the need ever arises. During his time in the ROEP, Wentz participated in pump maintenance and replacement, including learning to replace an additive pump, asphalt loading, transfers and shutdown.

Wentz shared that he feels more confident and more equipped for his job because of the program, and that this experience reaffirmed his goal to one day become a Terminal Manager. Wentz commented, “I feel like even though operations may be slightly different at each terminal, the one constant is our commitment to keeping everyone safe and getting the product to customers as quickly and safely as we can.”

Additionally, Wentz felt fully supported by management during his experience and is now working closely with his manager, David Ogletree, to polish some of the smaller details of the program to make it a smoother process for future Operators who want to participate. Ogletree said, “This program is a great opportunity for our Senior Operators to experience the operations of other Ergon facilities and expand their knowledge and skills.”

If you want to learn, Ergon is willing to provide opportunities for you to broaden your horizons. That’s how we support purposeful employee growth.