Meet Jamian Rush, Sustainability Specialist

Wed., May 10, 2023 | Ergon

Making sense of sustainability within the industries Ergon serves is not always simple. Here to help us unpack the term is Jamian Rush, Sustainability Specialist in Ergon’s Product Stewardship Department, who suggests that we not only take a step back and consider how our contributions positively impact society but also remember Ergon has been built on a foundation of doing the right thing since the very beginning.




Sustainability is the practice of balancing the needs of the present with those of future generations and is a critical consideration for solution-oriented companies like Ergon. Using sustainable practices such as reducing waste and eliminating inefficiencies, Ergon is able to protect its resources, environment and the trust it has earned among a wide variety of stakeholders. Sustainability and Doing Right extend beyond Ergon's commitment to delivering the highest standard of products and customer service, all the way to contributing toward a sound business strategy that is continually supported.

I have had the opportunity to visit several facilities across various business units within Ergon and have witnessed what we call One Ergon in full effect. That is where each area of the organization comes together, taking the synergistic approach to ensuring high-value solutions for our customers across various industries. I have visited some sites alone and others with Bonnie Chapman, Mary Ellen Snow, Lakeisha Jones and David Warden of the Product Stewardship Department. During my visits, I interact with Ergon's Operations and Product Development personnel, which allows me the opportunity to be a student again and become familiar with Ergon's beautiful complexities. Throughout these visits, I continue to gain additional insight into how I can aid with sustainability advisement and assist in collecting and reporting on sustainability-related stories. My work supports the implementation, execution and evolution of Ergon's sustainability strategy, including aiding in developing our third annual Doing Right Report.

Built Around Doing Right
My passion for sustainability was realized during my studies at York University in Toronto, Ontario, where I obtained my bachelor’s degree and continued to evolve as I pursued my Master of Science in Sustainability Management from the Kogod School of Business at American University in Washington, D.C. My research and experience at American University showed me how sustainable actions can create value for many industries. During my studies, I was enrolled in an International Practicum in Stockholm, Sweden, in which I advised on long-term strategic development for Hexicon, a floating offshore wind farm company. The lessons I learned at Hexicon revolved around having a holistic view and a keen sense of detail that I carry with me every day. However, it was the opportunity to intern at Ergon that elevated these qualities. At Ergon, I saw how our products contribute significantly to society and that we are more than an oil and gas company — we are an "ease-of-life” company. By reducing friction, pioneering pavement preservation and providing durable coatings that protect offshore wind assets, we positively impact society. As a graduate student, I felt my duty was to educate my classmates and professors that sustainability does not mean eliminating our industry. Suggesting that they take a step back, I asked them to consider how our contributions positively impacted their way of life. Sustainability is about what Ergon has been dedicated to since the very beginning: meeting needs, supporting families and serving our customers.

Committed to Excellence
I am excited to be part of the Ergon family! Beginning as an intern in October 2020 while completing my bachelor’s degree and since joining the Product Stewardship team full time in December 2022, Ergon has helped me better understand the importance of the role we play in society. I appreciate the opportunity to work with members of the Ergon family and look forward to supporting the organization’s sustainability strategy and helping us all to remain mindful of how our actions will impact future generations.


Staying informed is a great way to recognize and appreciate the positive impact Ergon has had on society for decades and helps us remain committed to our mission of Doing Right for future generations. Part of our commitment to doing right includes attracting, retaining and supporting knowledgeable employees like Jamian whose passion and dedication to their work help ensure the continued success of Ergon around the world.

To learn even more on how we are doing right with our products, for our planet, by our people and through our principles, click the link to view or download a PDF of Ergon’s 2022 Doing Right Report — https://ergon.com/sustainability.