Ergon Terminaling Receives ILTA Safety Excellence Award

Mon., Jun 10, 2019 | Ergon

Jackson, Miss. - Ergon Terminaling, Inc., (ETI) has been awarded the International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) Safety Excellence Award for its exemplary record of zero recordable incidents in 2018. The award was presented at ILTA's 39th Annual Operating Conference and Trade Show in Houston, Texas.

This accomplishment is evidence of the effectiveness of ETI's Target Zero campaign. Launched in 2016, the goal for this campaign is to increase hazard awareness and promote individual safety ownership in order to achieve zero recordable incidents and zero lost time events.

"Even though we perform a broad scope of functions within Ergon Terminaling, all team members, managers and operators alike have come to recognize that our most important function is to look out for each other by working safely," said Craig Rohr, ETI North Regional Manager and Manager of the company's terminal in Magnolia, Ohio. "Through good and thorough task analysis, and by keeping everyone keen and alert through constant safety awareness, we strive to make sure that everyone goes home to their families in the same or better condition than they came to work. For us, safety is much more than just something we talk about or read about on a poster. Safety is the key element of our mission."

To date, ETI has gone 3.5 years with zero recordable incidents and looks forward to many more years of hitting Target Zero.

"ILTA is an international organization that is made up of a global network of terminaling companies, so it is a privilege for Ergon Terminaling to be recognized amongst our industry peers for our focus on safety," said Joel Pastorek, ETI president. "This recognition validates the efforts that each person has contributed to making safety personal, which at its core, means protecting each team member so they can return home to their families."

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