Ergon Construction Group: Growth Rooted in Relationships

Fri., Apr 19, 2024 | Ergon

The Ergon family of companies is committed to providing innovative and specialized solutions that drive customer success. In keeping with the organization-wide goal to be the world’s premier partner for progress, learn how Ergon Construction Group’s commitment to building relationships has led to tremendous growth opportunities, allowing them to expand into more markets with additional service offerings to meet evolving customer needs.



Recent expansion of Ergon Construction Group Inc., comprised of Alliant Construction (Alliant) and ISO Services, is rooted in customer relationships. “We are trying to build relationships more than we’re trying to build one specific project,” said Nathan Witt, President of Ergon Construction Group. “With everyone we work for, every relationship we establish, whether it’s a building owner or an architect on Alliant’s side, or an industrial plant on ISO Services’ side, our goal is to be a long-term partner in their success.”

Evolving to Meet Customer Needs

When determining the next steps for growth, Ergon Construction Group simply listens to the customers. Recognizing the importance of craft service accessibility, ISO Services (previously ISO Panels) expanded their scaffolding capabilities in 2018. Then, in 2020, Ergon Maintenance Services and ISO Panels merged into ISO Services, integrating industrial services and offering more comprehensive solutions. Additionally, in the same year, the division added leaders dedicated to expanding their coating services. “Customers frequently asked, ‘Do you offer this?’ And in the industrial world, plants and customers want fewer contractors, so we eventually decided to add that service to our offerings,” said Witt. This strategic decision underscores the company’s commitment to actively listening and responding to market demands. According to Chad Watts, VP & General Manager of ISO Services, “The best way to tell what service a new customer needs is to listen to them and then take every opportunity to show what we can do.”

Similarly, Alliant has diversified their service offerings, transitioning from their traditional focus on commercial projects to embracing opportunities in schools, warehouses and government-funded projects. “We want to make sure we have every tool in our toolbox that our customers need,” said Andy Measells, VP & General Manager of Alliant. As a result, Alliant has recently established a new regional office in Memphis, further extending their reach into the Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas markets.

Employees Leading the Growth

With most of the employees directly engaging with customers, Ergon Construction Group aims to Win With People through their solid relationships and trust built on the construction site. Measells emphasized that they made a firm decision early on when starting Alliant — to lead with integrity and honesty, a principle deeply ingrained in the values of the Ergon and Lampton family. This dedication to being transparent and reliable has since generated an abundance of repeat customers. “Our clients know they can trust what we tell them,” Measells said. “We’re not only going to do a good job, but we’re also going to behave professionally while at those places.” This trust extends to the caliber of skilled individuals representing the company. From the Craftsmen to the General Managers, each employee embodies Ergon’s core value of Respectful Relationships while showcasing their expertise. Watts refers to their skills as “artwork,” a testament to their meticulous workmanship and problem-solving abilities.

Additionally, while highlighting their comprehensive understanding of what it means to own, operate and maintain industrial plants and commercial buildings, Witt emphasizes the importance of having an “owner’s mindset” — a perspective that sets them apart from competitors. Unlike competitors who may prioritize a quick turnover, Ergon Construction Group remains steadfast in a commitment to lasting quality and building it right the first time, every time.

Navigating Future Growth

Looking ahead, future growth strategies for Ergon Construction Group focus on organic growth, including geographic and market expansions. Particularly within Alliant, the company is anticipating project expansion into federal and medical markets, whereas the ISO Services division aims to synchronize service capabilities across all their locations, including their latest location in Ennis, Texas. With a workforce doubling in recent years, the company recognizes customers’ demand for expertise in project management, quality control and safety. “You've got to be a certain size business to have this type of talent, so we're forced to grow. We must grow,” said Watts. Due to the people-centric nature of the construction industry, prioritizing people is a major component of the company’s growth objectives. Moving forward, Ergon Construction Group remains committed to striking the right balance between growth and maintaining the integrity and values of their workforce — all while staying focused on being the ultimate service provider for customers. By doing so, Ergon Construction Group is keeping the collective mission of the Ergon family of companies, which is to meet needs, support families and serve customers, at the forefront of their journey toward Purposeful Growth.