Ergon Companies Participate in We Work the Waterways Event for Students

Fri., Feb 16, 2024 | Ergon

On February 15, 2024, representatives from Ergon companies, Magnolia Marine Transport (MMT) Company and Ergon Marine & Industrial Supply (EMIS), participated in the We Work the Waterways event in Vicksburg, Mississippi. This event is hosted annually by the Inland Rivers, Ports & Terminals Inc. Association, with Ergon companies serving as sponsors and event participants for over a decade.

We Work the Waterways is committed to promoting, encouraging, educating and marketing maritime/river industry careers.


“The purpose of the We Work the Waterways event in Vicksburg is two-fold,” said Syd Johnston, MMT Personnel Manager. “Careers throughout the river system, marine careers, are hidden. So this event highlights various career paths students can take — from deckhands, engineers, captains and welders to accountants and other positions you may not associate with the river. Also, students get to see the wealth of career opportunities right here in Vicksburg. For local students, it shows you can find success on the home front.”

During this one-day event, students from local high schools in Vicksburg and neighboring parishes in Louisiana are invited to hear about careers in the industry. They meet at Hinds Community College for a series of presentations and discussions with local marine company employers. Johnston and other MMT representatives typically present general information about the importance of maritime careers and potential earnings in roles such as a deckhand, engineer and pilot/captain. “That’s usually the highlight of the presentation,” said Johnston.

While at Hinds, the students learn how products are moved throughout the river transportation system and the system’s role in alleviating pressure from the interstate system and railways. Pablo Diaz, Executive Director of the Port Commission, also presents to the students before they are taken to tour various sites throughout Vicksburg, including EMIS, Big River Shipbuilders and the Army Corps of Engineers location.

In addition to giving students a glimpse into alternative careers paths, Ergon companies are happy to participate in this event as part of our efforts to help build and promote the Vicksburg community we have been a part of for over 45 years.

“We’re proud to be part of the Vicksburg community and want to give students opportunities to see all that Vicksburg has to offer,” said Syd. “We want to encourage them to consider putting down professional roots in the city, helping Vicksburg thrive for generations to come.” That’s the Ergon Way — Doing Right in the communities we serve.


If you are interested in our careers on the waterways in Vicksburg, or any openings with the Ergon family of companies, visit ergoncareers.com.