Ergon Committed to Customers Around the World

Tue., Mar 16, 2021 | Ergon

Providing a secure supply of specialty oils for customers around the world is a top priority for Ergon.  Ergon International Inc., headquartered in Waterloo, Belgium, is home to customer service, supply and distribution, and administrative teams that market and distribute the company’s specialty oils throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Indonesia and Asia. Ergon International is supported by facilities in Singapore, Indonesia, and other locations around the world, as well as a global workforce of more than 3,000 employees.

A recent expansion of Ergon’s Antwerp facility is evidence of the company‘s commitment to serving the international market well into the future. The addition of three storage tanks increased the facility’s total capacity by 9,000 cbm (8,300 MT), creating a total storage capacity of 39,000 cbm (35,600 MT). Ergon’s HyVolt dielectric fluids, HyPrene process oils, and HyGold base oils — all well known for their consistency and reliability — are shipped to international customers from Antwerp. These specialty oils are produced at the company‘s refinery in Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA, which is the leading naphthenic producer in the world. They are then exported globally from Ergon’s terminal in Gretna, Louisiana, (New Orleans).


Ergon Refining, Inc. – Vicksburg, MS, USA

Looking forward, the need for Ergon’s oils is expected to increase thanks to refining trends and the continuing shifts in solvency and viscosities available in oils produced in regions outside the U.S. Refineries that produce base oils and process oils have been slowly redirecting their focus toward the production of highly saturated Group II and Group III lubricant oils. This is resulting in a decrease in the solvency and viscosities required by the rubber industry and other process oil and base oil applications. Large shifts to Group II and Group III base oil production have already led to the closure of many U.S. Group I refineries that had provided paraffinics with a level of solvency and high viscosity as well as aromatic extracts with a high level of solvency.

Ergon’s commitment to servicing the international market with dependable and ratable supply is especially important since there is currently only one naphthenic producer in Europe. The ability to quickly respond to customer needs is enhanced not only by Ergon’s bulk tanks in Antwerp, where the company is able to keep inventories on the continent, but also by the international connection of Antwerp harbor to Asia and MEA, which offers additional capabilities and flexibility for global operations. The company’s technical sales team is able to provide the right chemistry for customers’ key applications.


Antwerp, Belgium Terminal

“Our foremost goal is to be a solutions provider for the market,” commented Per Dahlstedt, Managing Director of Ergon International. “This recent expansion in Antwerp is one more step in our process of ensuring that we have the assets in place to serve our customers’ growing needs.”

About Ergon:
Ergon Inc. is a privately owned company that operates in seven primary business segments: Refining & Marketing, Specialty Chemicals, Asphalt & Emulsions, Midstream & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Construction & Real Estate, and Corporate.