Empowering Employees to Lead, Innovate and Serve

Fri., Apr 29, 2022 | Ergon

Putting our best foot forward to anticipate and meet customer needs and then exceed their expectations has been a driving force in Ergon’s commitment to empowering our family of employees.

Regardless of role or location, empowered service means being trusted to do your job and being prepared to contribute to the success of Ergon’s customers through training, proactive learning and curiosity.

“My favorite thing about working at Ergon is the endless opportunities,” said Andrew Rigaud, Maintenance Engineer at Ergon - West Virginia. “I really love learning, and so the opportunity to go out and pick up a new skill, learn a new program, learn a process within the refinery, is something I cherish, and that really excites me.”

Learn how we embody Empowered Service — the Ergon way — in the video below, part of our Culture & Values video series.

Nurturing the passion and curiosity employees have about processes and technologies in their respective fields has been key in Ergon’s development of innovative products in the asphalt and specialty oils industries. And the ongoing learning opportunities we provide have helped foster the cream of the crop of confident and competent leaders in the industries we serve.

“We have very extensive training programs because we want our people to be all they can be,” said Roger Harris, Senior VP – Marine Operations for Ergon’s Magnolia Marine Transport Co. (MMT). For decades, MMT has provided training opportunities for employees, including those joining at entry-level.

While empowering employees is a benefit to them and to Ergon, the ultimate goal is woven into the fabric of the organization — serving customers. “We want to make sure that every interaction has the customer in mind, and that we’re exceeding their expectations,” Brody McCreary, Production Leader – Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions.

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