Doing Right Together: Highlighting ErgonArmor's Supplier Network

Fri., Apr 5, 2024 | Ergon

ErgonArmor has a Commitment to Sustainability

The Ergon family shares a united vision focused on innovating and delivering products that not only address evolving needs, but also prioritize minimizing environmental impact. We are proud to work with several strategic suppliers within the ErgonArmor supply chain who share a similar vision and have positioned themselves as innovators within the sustainability landscape. Our partnership with these suppliers strengthens our commitment to delivering high-quality products.

Environmental Stewardship
ErgonArmor suppliers are pursuing goals such as climate neutrality and the integration of VOC-free additives. They are also dedicated to minimizing their carbon footprint through proactive waste reduction efforts, including zero waste to landfills, and investments in low-carbon technologies.

Sustainability Achievements
Suppliers within ErgonArmor’s network have earned noteworthy sustainability ratings, with some receiving the EcoVadis gold medal. EcoVadis recognizes companies based on performance evaluations in four key categories: environmental impact, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Community Impact
ErgonArmor suppliers embody a holistic approach to sustainability through conservation efforts, charitable contributions and ambitious targets for net-zero emissions, safety and diversity — which impact community well-being.

By working with suppliers who share in understanding the importance of sustainable business practices for future generations, we are cultivating a culture of responsibility and innovation throughout our supply chain. Together, we continuously contribute to building a sustainable future while upholding the Ergon-wide commitment to Doing Right with our products, for our planet, by our people and through our principles.