Crafco Recycling Project Reduces CO2e Emissions

Fri., Apr 22, 2022 | Ergon

Crafco Inc., a division of Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Inc., has a long history of environmentally friendly projects. Over 40 years ago, Crafco developed and patented an effective solution for sealing pavement cracks and joints using a blend of reclaimed rubber from recycled car tires and asphalt. This flexible sealant was the first of its kind. Beyond its role in helping transform the industry, this specialized material also helps protect the environment.

By blending scrap tire rubber into its sealant, Crafco is recycling over one million tires every year, reducing waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. Reusing and repurposing used tires versus virgin polymer modifiers reduces crude oil consumption by over one million gallons each year.

For Fiscal Year 2021, Crafco’s consumption of crumb rubber equated to reducing CO2e emissions by approximately 30 million pounds versus using virgin materials in the company’s finished product.

“Tire rubber already contains the oils and antioxidants required for effective sealant performance, thus reducing the need for using more natural resources,” stated Gary Johnson, Crafco President. “By using post-consumer recycled tire rubber, Crafco sealants save energy and resources by reducing the amount of polymers and chemicals consumed.”

The team at Crafco is committed to finding ways to have a positive impact on the environment. A few examples include:

  • In 1982 Crafco introduced an innovative way to package sealant by replacing metal pails, the standard at the time, with boxes manufactured from recycled cardboard. The cardboard is fully recyclable after it’s emptied, decreasing the waste stream by approximately 4,000,000 metal pails each year.
  • Dedicated to leading the way with its innovative, fully consumable packaging, Crafco currently holds two patents on processes to package sealant in a container that itself becomes part of the sealant. Both Pleximelt and NO BOX packaging options are fully consumable and create zero waste.
  • On Crafco’s equipment manufacturing side, all application equipment worldwide has Tier 4 diesel engines. These engines support the lowest emission requirements in the U.S.

Thanks to Crafco’s environmentally friendly focus, customers have access to sealants that are long lasting and budget friendly. Crafco is reducing its carbon footprint while helping to preserve not only our roads, but also the planet.