Selfless Leadership — Ergon Focuses on the Greater Good

Fri., May 13, 2022 | Ergon

We lead with compassion and put those around us before ourselves. We don’t say we’re the experts; we demonstrate it through technical expertise, category innovation and genuine care for what we do.


Selfless Leadership is a core value of Ergon and has been an integral part of our business model for the past 68 years. We got our start in 1954 in the petroleum industry’s service sector — with service being the operative word.

Ergon has always been a company that has anticipated and put the needs of those we serve above our own interests. We look outside of ourselves for the greater good of our family of employees and our customers. It’s what sustains us. And we employ over 3,200 people who embody this same ideal in their everyday work.

Watch as members of the Ergon family explain our collective commitment to the value of Selfless Leadership below.

Ergon is cultivating leaders at every level of our organization. By empowering our employees to be compassionate leaders, we are able to broaden our capabilities and capacity to provide the exceptional customer service that has become synonymous with the Ergon name.

We don’t boast about our successes in the industries we serve, but if we could attribute them to one thing, it would be that we operate simply as a service company with a decades-long mission of meeting needs, supporting families and serving customers.

We thrive by championing our people, and by being available and being responsive when needed the most. That’s the Ergon way.

If you’re interested in a company that thrives off of being available and helping others, then Ergon is the place for you. Visit our Careers page for more information on how and why you should join the Ergon family.