A Commitment to Employee Well-Being: Meet Steve Clark

Fri., Jun 21, 2024 | Ergon

At Ergon, dedication to employee well-being extends beyond the workplace, fostering physical, emotional and mental health. This commitment is embodied in the role of Steve Clark, Wellness & Recognition Program Manager — a new position both for Clark and for Ergon.


Clark's journey with Ergon began over 22 years ago. Before assuming his current role, he served as the Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Specialist for Ergon Terminaling Inc. (ETI). In this capacity, Clark demonstrated an unwavering commitment to employee wellness, working with Joel Pastorek, Executive Vice President of Ergon’s Integrated Services & Logistics business segment and former President of ETI, to pilot the Ergon Active program in February 2022. Initially aimed at encouraging physical activity and nutritional awareness among employees, the program has since positively impacted mental and emotional well-being as well.

The success of Ergon Active is a testament to the company’s support of employee initiatives and our desire to encourage and improve employee wellness across our family of companies. After starting with a small pilot group of just a handful of employees and being implemented among ETI employees first, word spread and the program quickly gained traction across all of Ergon. After many witnessed the success of the initiative, the program debuted to employees at Ergon’s corporate headquarters in October 2022 and has since been extended to employees within all Ergon companies. “We started this program knowing that it could be bigger than just Ergon Terminaling,” said Clark. “That’s why we gave it such a broad name.”

A key feature of the Ergon Active program is the provision of Fitbit watches to all interested employees. This allows participants to track their physical activity without relying on smartphones, which can be a distraction in safety-sensitive environments. Ergon Active is hosted on the MoveSpring app, which includes a social and photo-sharing feed, further enhancing a sense of community and company culture among the Ergon family and connecting employees at various locations. This sense of community helps employees see beyond their immediate work environment, fostering a broader understanding of Ergon’s extensive reach.

Clark’s initiatives and ongoing communication within the platform have promoted physical activity and significantly impacted employees’ mental and emotional health in the process. Some participating employees have expressed gratitude for the program's role in helping them cope with personal challenges, such as the loss of loved ones or other heavy emotions.

Recognizing the success of Ergon Active, Clark and representatives from Ergon’s Corporate Human Resources Department began to discuss other ways to expand wellness efforts to include physical, emotional, mental and financial aspects as part of a holistic approach to employee well-being. These discussions led to the creation of Clark's current role as Wellness & Recognition Program Manager, effective April 1, 2024. In this capacity, Clark aims to work with HR and other Corporate Services Departments to further integrate wellness initiatives into the company's benefits package and ensure employees understand Ergon’s commitment to meeting their needs.

Reflecting on his career transition, Clark shared, "I never pictured myself in this role, but after seeing the impact of Ergon Active alone and discussing it with my wife, I realized this could turn into something significant and life-changing for people." He further noted, "I'm very thankful because it’s something I feel passionate about, and I’m excited about the value we can add to the company and to the Ergon family."

Clark's role as Wellness & Recognition Program Manager is a cornerstone of Ergon's ongoing commitment to fostering a healthy, safe and engaged workforce.