A Culture of Respect, Diversity and Acceptance

Fri., Nov 4, 2022 | Ergon

Watch the video below and learn how our commitment to the value of Respectful Relationships helps ensure Ergon is a place where you can feel welcomed to contribute, collaborate and succeed as part of a team dedicated to meeting needs, supporting families and serving customers around the world.


Ergon is committed to fostering a culture of respect. We welcome ideas and opinions, regardless of role, empowering our family of employees to contribute meaningful work that impacts the industries and communities we serve.

“I think that it’s incredibly important to respect everybody’s different opinions, and that’s something that I’ve learned at Ergon, that has carried over into my daily life,” said Samantha Patterson, Division Order Analyst for Ergon Oil Purchasing Inc.

We are One Ergon: United by Service. Driven By Solutions. That means we value input from each other, understanding that from the CEO to the intern, the sum of all of our efforts is far greater than our individual endeavors. We are united in a shared purpose to provide innovative solutions our customers need and the support they need to succeed.

At the heart of this unity is Respectful Relationships among team members, who are treated as family. And like family, each employee is valued and encouraged to add value to the Ergon organization. “What brings me back to work every day is, hands down, the family culture,” said Samantha. “The moment you start working for Ergon, you just feel accepted. You feel like a part of the family, whether you’ve been there five minutes, whether you’ve been there 10 years.”

Respectful Relationships are not limited to employees. Ergon seeks to build strong relationships with customers as well. We know that part of providing solutions for our customers is listening to first understand what they need now and then listening to determine how we can anticipate and meet future needs. Meeting these needs takes an “all-hands-on-deck” approach, and we believe the greatest ideas come from intentional collaboration and open communication.

“It really is encouraging to be able to sit down and dialogue with a group of people who are very talented, very smart and also are very helpful to each other’s efforts and goals,” said Ken Cooley, President of Resinall Corp.

Work Where You Belong
Want to work for a place that respects and supports the diversity of ideas and of people? Visit ergon.com/careers to learn how you can become part of the Ergon family.