Transportation & Terminaling

Moving and storing products is just as important as processing the products themselves. Ergon subsidiaries coordinate the transportation and terminaling of crude oil and finished products to provide reliability, quality control and added flexibility for third parties and the Ergon companies. These subsidiaries maintain strategically located petroleum storage terminals and a growing fleet of tow-boats, barges, railcars, trucks and trailers. Additionally, Ergon subsidiaries own and lease pipeline and gathering systems to transport, store and distribute crude oil and finished products. These subsidiaries excel in environmental stewardship, safety and security throughout their operations.

Ergon Terminaling, Inc.

Ergon Terminaling and its subsidiaries own and operate strategically located storage terminals and service providers that are critical factors in providing the ability to respond to market conditions and customer needs. The terminals feed raw material to Ergon’s refineries, store finished products and meet the special requirements of customers, including major oil companies. Under rigorous quality and safety controls, products are off-loaded, sampled, tested and stored until they are ready for loading into tankers, railcars, trucks and barges, or fed through pipelines. Ergon subsidiaries also build and lease customized storage terminals to tenants’ specifications.

Ergon Terminaling continues to expand its capabilities through the acquisition of a storage terminal in Ohio and a common carrier pipeline in Texas.

Alliant Construction

Alliant Construction, a division of Ergon Construction Group, Inc., is a traditional commercial construction company working with general contractors, private owners, developers and governmental agencies. Customers benefit from our experience and expertise in design, estimating, building and managing commercial construction projects. We are committed to hard work, great customer service and quality that is second to none.

Ergon Maintenance Services

Ergon Maintenance Services, a division of Ergon Construction Group, Inc., supports construction and maintenance activities for Ergon refineries and terminals, as well as external customers.

ISO Panels

ISO Panels, a division of Ergon Construction Group, Inc., is an industrial contractor specializing in insulation for tanks, piping and equipment. Additional services include steam and electric tracing, blasting, painting and fireproofing.

Ergon Trucking, Inc.

Formed by consolidating several trucking entities in 1973, Ergon Trucking provides a flexible and responsive transportation system that assures the strategic pick-up and delivery of crude oil, asphalt, process oils, lubes, chemicals, caustics and a wide range of liquid products, serving external customers as well as Ergon companies.

Throughout the 48 contiguous states and Canada, a specialized fleet of trucks and trailers hauls liquid products that require careful handling, sensitive temperature control, critical delivery timing and crucial safety precautions. In-house maintenance facilities and a staff of experienced mechanics keep fleet resources in top operating condition. In compliance with all federal regulations, Ergon Trucking maintains an in-depth emergency response plan backed by the expertise of Ergon’s environmental and safety engineers.

Ergon Trucking transports products throughout the 48 contiguous states and Canada.

Ergon Trucking provides reliable transportation services for Ergon’s core business segments. By utilizing its trucks to deliver crude from fields in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Ohio, Louisiana and Texas, as well as to deliver asphalt and sensitive process oil products, it ensures that products maintain integrity throughout transport.

Magnolia Marine Transport Company

With the largest inland waterways asphalt transportation fleet in the United States, Magnolia Marine Transport Company transports asphalt, crude oil, process oils, fuel oil and other products throughout the Mississippi River and intracoastal waterways of the Gulf of Mexico. Employing a commitment to quality since 1967, Magnolia Marine works to ensure the integrity of crude oil and finished products from the time the oil reaches U.S. shores to the time the finished product is delivered to customers.

Magnolia Marine Transport maintains the largest inland waterways asphalt transportation fleet in the United States.

Magnolia Marine is continually expanding and optimizing its boat and barge fleet to provide quality customer service and meet strong customer demand. Magnolia Marine follows a systematic program when maintaining and replacing its fleet for improved efficiency and integrity, and focuses on logistical planning and coordination to enable on-time delivery to customers while providing optimum customer service.


Ergon provides a lower cost alternative to highway transportation by utilizing railcars in its long-distance ground transport operations. Some railcars are specially modified to transport asphalt and petroleum products processed at the refineries. The railcars are generally leased on multi-year leases.