Our Culture of Safety

We believe that all injuries, safety-related incidents, and occupational- and safety-related illnesses are preventable at work and at home. The Ergon family of companies is committed to maintaining a safe work environment at all times in order for all employees to go home healthy and whole every day.

Our commitment to safe work practices is emphasized through our Target Zero initiative, developed to promote a consistent awareness among employees at every level to be intentional about safety. From safety events to our print and digital collateral, our Target Zero communications serve as constant reminders that we are all vital parts of the solution to enhance Ergon’s safety culture.

No matter your title, safety is your job. Each decision you make must be made with the utmost vigilance and care, ensuring the wellbeing of not only yourself, but those around you.

- Kris Patrick
  Ergon’s Chief Executive Officer

All employees and contractors working on behalf of the Ergon family of companies are encouraged to be safety leaders, performing tasks in accordance with the education and training provided while following all health- and safety-related policies and procedures. Personnel are encouraged to both understand and communicate safety expectations before starting any activity and exercise their stop-work authority when questions or concerns about safety arise on the job.

There is no “I” in Target Zero.

Watch as one Ergon employee explains how teamwork helps to promote safety throughout the company.