Better business solutions come from understanding the specific challenges our customers face. Our teams have the necessary expertise to meet and exceed customer needs, today and in the future. Whether creating specialty products for a specific market segment, developing efficient supply solutions, or serving as advisors in ever changing markets, Ergon has the experience and flexibility necessary to help customers succeed.


The benefits of our synergistic companies are most evident through our Midstream & Logistics segment. From a strategically located terminaling network to trucking, river and rail transportation, we are prepared to provide the logistics support you need. In addition to maintaining consistent quality products, you can rely on timely, secure delivery and storage of your products.

Technical Support

It’s one thing to have products that meet your needs; it’s another thing to offer knowledge of the most effective use of those products. Our goal across all of our business segments is to provide you with technical support services from concept to planning and from application to completion. Following are a few resources we’ve dedicated toward ensuring optimum performance of our solutions for you. Visit segment pages on this site for a more detailed scope of all of our services.

Refining & Marketing Technical Team

Ensuring reliable quality from crude selection to our customers’ doors is the primary goal of our Refining & Marketing technical team. They provide technical support and insights, serving everyone from those on the front lines to strategic leadership support. They offer guidance for both internal and external stakeholders, to inform decision making. The team drives technical initiatives that touch the daily lives of people all over the world – improving the world around us through technical service. Email the team for more information.

Asphalt & Emulsions Technical Team

Agencies, contractors and engineers interested in effectively, efficiently and economically treating more miles and improving pavement conditions work with Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions every day. With well over 100 years of combined asphalt experience, our technical support team serves as the boots-on-the-ground resource, providing on-site troubleshooting and best practice advice, as well as in-person, virtual and online training sessions. Learn more at, then contact one of our specialized team members for more information.

Surface Protection Systems Technical Team

The team at ErgonArmor provides technical advice for surface protection/coatings solutions for industrial marketplace applications as well as a variety of training services on how to best apply these solutions. Services include hands-on sessions at our new state-of-the-art training facility, on-the-job technical support, and product demonstrations utilizing our mobile training unit. Learn more about how we work to serve your industrial protection needs. >>

Raw Material Evaluation Program + Supply and Demand

As specialty oil markets evolve, it is critical that suppliers are able to ensure consistent, quality products for customers. Likewise, it is important for customers to understand the changing markets in order to know what to expect and what to ask from suppliers. That’s where we come in. At Ergon, our ability to monitor and anticipate needs based on industry trends allows us to not only be a continual resource to our customers, but also thought leaders in the industries we serve. Our raw material evaluation program has been developed to ensures that your product demand is secure. Learn more about industry trends and changes that may impact your business and how we are working to navigate through those changes to offer a consistent supply of quality products for the long haul.

Laboratory Services

Our lab technicians work to produce and test the quality of our products to ensure they remain of a consistent, exceptional quality for you.

Refining & Marketing Production and Quality Control Labs

All products are subject to testing and final approval by our qualified Refining & Marketing lab personnel who regularly monitor our naphthenic and paraffinic oil products for quality assurance.

Asphalt & Emulsion Production Labs

We have lab technicians in each production facility under the Asphalt & Emulsions umbrella throughout the U.S. and Mexico, responsible for continued production of quality asphalt and emulsions. Having labs strategically located at each facility allows us to implement fast, yet efficient quality control measures while also allowing us the ability to quickly troubleshoot any potential issues.

Paragon Technical Services

Paragon Technical Services is our premier laboratory for innovative product research, development and testing. We are able to test our product quality with your specific road needs in mind, to create the most efficient and effective solutions for you. We also offer third-party services and contribute to research for the National Center for Pavement Preservation and other industry programs dedicated to improving U.S. infrastructure. Learn more here.