Oil & Gas

Ergon's Oil & Gas segment includes some of the oldest and most diverse subsidiaries, offering consistent customer service along with growth through dedication and professional management. The segment is comprised of operations in propane sales, mid-river retail fuel and grocery sales and fleeting services, as well as oil and natural gas exploration and production.

Lampton-Love, Inc.

Products: liquefied petroleum gas

Lampton-Love and its subsidiaries deliver quality liquefied petroleum gas to retail customers in both rural and urban areas across the mid-South. Since 1956, high standards and proven systems have given the Lampton-Love family of companies a reputation for delivering timely and uninterrupted service. Lampton-Love carefully monitors regulations, practices industry best standards and advocates for the utilization of efficient, low-cost fuel.

Lampton-Love supplies high-quality propane to over 80,000 residential, commercial, and industrial consumers.

Utilizing a fleet of specialized trucks, 28 offices and nearly 70 satellite bulk storage facilities throughout the region, Lampton-Love supplies high-quality propane to over 80,000 residential, commercial and industrial consumers. The Lampton-Love family of companies is always prepared to serve new residential and commercial growth.

Through its "Go Gasman Green" initiative, Lampton-Love converts vehicles to run on propane, a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels. Lampton-Love also converts lawn and golf course equipment to propane, which reduces smog-producing hydrocarbons in that equipment by 60 to 70%.

Ergon Marine & Industrial Supply, Inc. (EMIS)

Products: fuel, food, supplies, fleet services

Based in Vicksburg, Mississippi, on the Mississippi River since 1969, Ergon Marine & Industrial Supply provides mid-river refueling, fleeting and supplies from terminals in Vicksburg and Memphis, Tennessee. EMIS markets diesel fuel daily to major marine transportation companies traveling the Mississippi River and is the only company providing fleeting services to the Vicksburg Harbor.

Exploration and Production

Since 1977, Ergon Exploration, Inc., has been exploring for natural gas and oil as an operator and working interest owner, initially with the Monroe Field in Northern Louisiana. More recently, Ergon's primary development activity was centered on the Wolf Creek prospect in East Texas operated by Ergon Energy Partners, LP, (EEP) a wholly owned limited partnership. Utilizing horizontal drilling techniques at depths of over 13,000 feet, EEP developed the Austin chalk zone, traversing clusters of small fractures within the brittle chalk in addition to other hydrocarbon-rich sands in the area. Extensive log analysis helped EEP determine the potential oil and gas while drilling and enhance 3D and 2D seismic information with actual drilling data, improving the probability of success.

Looking ahead, Ergon Exploration continues to pursue expansion opportunities for both oil and natural gas across the United States.