A Focus on Sustainability

Selfless Leadership: We lead with compassion, demonstrating expertise and care for our industry and our communities.

Decisions are made with the Ergon family in mind, always considering long-term implications of actions on our company and our people. Because of this, we are thoughtful and strategic in our approach. Growth is aligned with a clear vision and purpose. We are never complacent. Our goal is to build and strengthen teams, capabilities and facilities so we are best prepared to meet changing needs.

Our commitment to sustainable business practices is evidenced through continuous reinvestment in our facilities, our people, our industry and our communities. The ability to provide consistent, reliable products and services has strengthened the sustainability of the Ergon organization – enabling us not only to weather the storms that impact our industry, but to continue our mission of meeting needs, supporting families and serving customers.

We realize how important it is to our customers to partner with a company that is committed to economic growth and a healthy environment, and we are instituting processes to celebrate our achievements and establish metrics against which to measure our progress related to sustainability, and determine how we can do even more to ensure a safe environment for future generations.